"An absolute must"
- Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

The recognition and popularity of Nick Drake has now reached such proportions that he will always be seen as a landmark, a beauty, a thread of creativity that will forever span the rapids of modern music. Nick recorded only three albums in his short career and has since been seen as somewhat of a mystery. At the time he was largely unnoticed, considered to be too fragile and painful to engage the wilder audiences of the early 70s. Now, more than 30 years on, Nick Drake has become the most revered of all English singer/songwriters. Around 7 years ago, Keith James, singer/songwriter and acoustic music producer, began to perform Nick’s songs live in concert. His performances have received such unprecedented acclaim that, together with double bassist Rick Foot, he has now played almost 400 concerts dates across 10 UK tours and recorded both a live and a studio album of Nick’s music.